League Fundraising

Team sports photography day can represent a critical league fundraising opportunity. We are very versed in this process and are eager to show you how lucrative this aspect of picture day can really be. Keep in mind too, that because our entry-level package price points are so low, we have more “wiggle” room for money back to your organization or team.


We are a proven entity and currently photograph over 25,000 young athletes annually, servicing single teams to large, city-wide contracts. We will happily send a list of current references with each bid or quote and encourage you to look over the list.

Professional Photographers

We require that all of our photographers successfully complete an apprenticeship program and pass a criminal background check before they are even allowed to touch a camera or set foot at a shoot. We also never under-staff photo shoots.

Quality and a Simplified Order Process

Our simple to understand order forms contain a compendium of products we know parents want. We have kept precise data over the years on what sells and what price points are in line with our competitors. So, rather than seeing a cluttered, garish mess of kitschy products, we whittle it down to products we know are of interest to parents that are of high quality. That being said, if you see any product that we don’t list, please know that we can get it. Our long-lived affiliation with national vendors and scale make us privy to an unbelievable selection of products at wholesale pricing we can pass on to our customers.

Free Appreciation Plaques

We offer appreciation plaques to all head coaches for free.  Parents or leagues may also purchase additional plaques of their choice. Please click the Sports Products Gallery on the home page for examples.

Location Risers

We have professionally engineered location risers that accommodate large groups up to 200. These are ideal for swim leagues, large football teams and cheers squads.

Background Checks and Insurance

We conduct background checks on all of our critical staff members and we always carry substantial general liability insurance just in case.

Cool Indoor Backdrops!

We use professional, “non-cheesy” themed backdrops in all of our indoor shoots standard. Compare our indoor backdrops to our competitors!

Quick Turn-Around

Our standard turnaround is 2-3 weeks. If you have a special need for faster delivery just ask-no additional charge.

We’re Local to Colorado since 1987

We are very proud of this fact since most of our competitors are now national franchises.

Advertising Opportunities for Sponsors

We are always willing to add flyers or coupons from local businesses your league has some affiliation with to the parents’ picture orders. Parents like receiving them and it’s a way for board members or your sponsors to get FREE direct mail marketing as a courtesy!

Easy Scheduling

We are always flexible and know exactly how to schedule teams based on location, team size, sport and game times. If your league prefers to do the scheduling we can provide assistance on how best to do this given your circumstance. We understand too that some leagues may prefer that Imagetek to do the scheduling. This is no problem as we do it often.

Easy distribution and Direct Shipping

All final orders are packaged in a common sense, made-easy to distribute fashion. Each team is labeled by coach and team name, and all of the original order forms are returned. We also provide the option to ship directly to team reps or coaches per request.

Action Photography

We can augment our still shot service by providing an action service as well. Interested teams need simply call to book an appointment with a small deposit that can be credited toward an online purchase.

Competitive Pricing

Because we shoot over 25,000 young athletes a year, we command dynamite pricing from our venders. We pass this savings along to our customers and can guarantee the lowest pricing over any legitimate competitor!